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Demo Sites:

Standard Sites:







What to do next!

Once you have had a look at our demo sites, choose which your favourite one is, all images and text can be altered to fit that of your business.

What you need to do first

First of all, you require web hosting and a domain name, we have recommended providers to ensure that all our features are available. You can choose to use your own provider but we cannot guarantee that all features will be available or that we can create you a site there. Please contact us to clarify.

What you provide

You provide any images and text to be used on your site, you must make sure you have all the relevant permissions for all content you send us to be published.

You also let us know which of the themes (on the demo sites above), you would like us to use for your site.

You also provide details of the standard 5 pages you would like on your site and their content (more can be added later).

What we do

We will then take this information and provide a draft of your site, we then make any necessary modifications so you are happy with it.

We then provide you with information on how to update and edit your site. We also have a few extra features that can be added on request.